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Questions and Answers

  The answers to some questions we are frequently asked might help you with your concerns or issues arising from a malfunction with your vacuum pump, compressor or blower system.

If you can’t find the answer here, please call us on 0845 543 9006 or send an email and we will do what we can to help you.

Q. I have a single phase pump (VSC pump model number ending with “-5” ) but it is not rotating.

A. Check the wiring connections as the -5 version is a duel voltage motor and you may not have the links or connections correctly made. More detailed information is available on Data Sheet DS0017.

Q. What is the difference between gauge pressure and absolute pressure.

A. A gauge pressure is measured from atmospheric conditions, where atmos. is equivalent to 1013mbarA. Absolute pressures are measured from Zero pressure upwards (where zero is theoretical as it can go many decade below this point). A diagram on our Pressure Conversion chart provides more details.

Q. I have received my blower but my silencer is separate from the blower.

A. Two stage VSC pumps are shipped with their silencers loose as if fitted it can be damaged in transit. The loose silencer is the pumps discharge and is fitted tangentially on the side connection of the pumps casing. See our You Tube channel for fitting details.

Q. My two stage VSC pump has another connection with a blanking plate, can I fit my discharge silencer in this position?

A. On no account must any other connection be used other from the designated discharge connection and specifically do not remove the blanking plate.

   A two stage pump uses the same first stage casing as a single stage pump, only on the two stage pump there is internal ports which transfers the gas to the second stage. And if you change the connection you could burn out the motor!

Q. I am experiencing smoke from the exhaust of my oil sealed vane pump

A. If you are not pumping water vapour then your exhaust filters are probably blocked/ saturated and require changing, contact us 0845 543 9006. This could also be a result of operating the pump at too high a pressure for extended periods. In some cases you will would probably require a secondary exhaust filter.