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A specific engineered solution  in the long term will provide down time expense reduction

Engineered Savings


In the majority of cases, although our client’s installations are designed specifically for them, we are able to rely on our standard range of pump, air compressor or blower equipment. When our usual catalogue product does not deliver the desired outcome, we can develop a custom designed pump solution.

By definition, each installation is custom designed. No two clients have the same work process or factory layout but in many cases, the result can be met using our stock range of products.

For those applications where the materials in the pump are incompatible with the intended process or the optimum operating performance cannot be achieved, we then draw on our industry experience to create a more viable solution for the proposed scheme.

Standard, factory pumps, compressors and blowers can be customised or bespoke units can be designed from the ground up.

If you have identified that you need a customised pump or your current units are not performing to expectations, please call us or send an email using our contact form.

Leak tight pump with special shaft sealing and internal coating for handling Chlorine Dioxide gas.

Integrated centralised vacuum system

Shafted side channel pump for power take off drive.

  Triline Pumps have undertaken numerous site surveys and have identified both energy and maintenance saving. This has been achieved by using the correct pump for the application, fine tuning a system with the use of inverters or the correct filtration together to on site operator training for correct operation regime.

   Centralised vacuum systems have proved to also provide energy and overall operation saving on applications with multiple machine operating.

  Should you wish to gain possible cost saving, then we are pleased to discuss you pump system without obligation, please contact us for further details.