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Compressed air and vacuum processes, using claw pump technology, have been around for many years. Claw pumps operate on the positive displacement principle of two machined, non-contacting claw shaped lobes. The lobes rotate conversely within the pump casing to draw in and compress gas efficiently. There are precise clearances between the lobes and casing. The pumping chamber within a claw pump does not need a seal or lubrication fluid, so the operation is dry, frictionless and efficient.

Dry claw vacuum and compressed air pumps are effective, low maintenance compressors for an extensive range of industrial applications.




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Catalogue - Vacuum

Cost Savings.

 Do you have critical compressed air or vacuum operations using vane pumps with their associated high maintenance costs? Then consider offsetting these cost of replacement against the savings achieved  by substituting them with a dry claw pump.

Versions are available for vacuum applications and can achieve 50 mbarA. They have a range of capacities from 60 m³/hr through to more than 600 m³/hr within six pump sizes.

For Compressor applications, the pressure versions achieve operating pressure of 2.2 Barg within the same capacity ranges of the pressure versions.

Claw vacuum pumps and compressors are specified as alternatives to rotary vane pumps. In comparison, claw pumps operate more efficiently. Down-time and operating costs are reduced. Savings from lower maintenance costs and advantageous, on-going operating costs will offset the investment in replacing existing rotary vane units. Claw pumps can also be considered as replacements for liquid ring vacuum pumps where water might an issue.

Triline Pumps UK Limited design, supply and install claw pump systems and service and repair existing units throughout the UK. View our product  and service pages for more information.

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