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Triline Pumps UK Limited is your first-choice supplier of compressors, vacuum pumps and low-pressure pump solutions. We have forged long-term, business relationships with clients who appreciate the importance of quality, industrial products that deliver efficient performance and low running costs.

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The conception became reality when Triline pump was formed.

A Company Incarnation,


Triline re-unites with old colleagues at Vacuvane to become their first UK distributor.

Vacuvane Partnership.


Through growth Triline Pumps exhibits at Vacuum Expo a range of medium and high vacuum products.  

Triline Welcomes New Products


Moving forward to the challenges ahead Triline Pumps is re organised to react better to market needs.

A New Era


Triline pumps is registered in England and Wales and the company registration number is  6835959.

Company Registration,

Our VAT registration is;


VAT Registration,

Prospect Hs,

Church Green West,


Worc. B97 4BD,

Registered Address,

Mission Statement

Triline Pumps UK Limited was founded on one simple ideology - to supply our clients with the best vacuum and pressure solution through strategic partnerships with approved manufacturers and in-house designed custom pumping solutions. We promote and adhere to three fundamental principles.

Quality  -  Reliability  -  Value

 Vacuvane GmbH and group companies now have a common uniform name branding following that of its sister company in the USA.

It is now known as Airtech Europe GmbH - this is just a re branding name change and everything else remains the same.

Airtech Europe branding,